Manning Valley ReachOut

20+21 October


About Manning Valley ReachOut:


The ReachOut Mission Network brings together followers of Jesus serving in different ways across the globe, to help Christians engage in global mission. Manning Valley ReachOut is a new branch of this network, serving as a ministry of Missions Interlink NSW.

The ReachOut Missions Conference in Katoomba has been faithfully running for many years and has served to impact many for the sake of the gospel. We thought it was time to bring this privilege to the beautiful Manning Valley region and did so for the first time in 2015. This event seeks to provide a biblical basis for global mission, expose people to the needs and opportunities for ministry around the world and connect participants to people and organisations who will help them engage in global mission.

Our vision is to see all Christians passionately and effectively involved in global mission.

We seek to do this by: 

  • Unpacking the biblical basis for cross-cultural mission
  • Highlighting the needs of the lost
  • Affirming the role of the local church in global mission
  • Connecting people with local and cross-cultural opportunities in training and service

Registration for this conference is free for delegates but the associated costs of running an event such as this can still be high. Would you consider partnering financially with us in our vision for this conference? Click here to help us out.